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Founded To Provide Quick and Convenient Parking Services

Nation Parking LLC has been in business since 2006, providing dependable parking spaces for commercial properties. We are the trusted and preferred service provider in our area, ensuring swift, seamless, and stress-free parking solutions for all your needs.

About Nation Parking LLC

Nation Parking, LLC was established in the District of Columbia on December 5, 2006. Nation Parking has been operating parking facilities in Washington DC for sixteen years and is in good standing with all local and state agencies.

Hanna and her brother Samuel Asfaw formed Nation Parking LLC when they realized that there was a need and an opportunity for a hard-working, innovative company to enter the parking business and provide superior customer services in parking management.

With a staff of nearly 40 fully trained professionals, Nation Parking, LLC has the capacity to provide superior parking management services for any facility. We are fully experienced in the management of self-park, valet parking (on-site and front door valet), self-drive valet parking, valet assist, and other types of parking operations. Nation Parking, LLC has managed parking facilities ranging from 160 parking spaces to projects with almost 950 parking spaces. Our parking patrons at these facilities range from monthly contract parkers and transient parkers for business offices, medical office buildings (like Kaiser Permanente), government offices, retail establishments, restaurants, hotels, and other entities. Our staffing and schedules vary at these facilities ranging from operations during Monday – Friday business hours to operations opened and managed 24 hours 7 days.

Company Missions/Goals

Nation Parking’s mission is to be the premier provider of choice for parking management services of all kinds. We believe in the importance of building and maintaining longstanding relationships with each client. Our goal is to provide all our clients with a well-managed parking facility, which optimizes net revenues while at the same time providing exceptional service to the patrons. We have never lost a contract due to poor performance or an unhappy client.

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Our employees are taught to have a positive attitude and to always display a friendly demeanor. Employees are trained to assist any patron who needs assistance with packages that may need to be loaded in their vehicles or with just general assistance. They will very quickly learn the names of building employees, contract parkers, and other regular transient parkers and will address them by name when appropriate.

Our specific goal in managing parking facilities is to utilize our expertise and experience to provide the tenants and patrons of your office and residential buildings, and other transient and contract parkers with an outstanding parking experience. We understand from managing facilities like yours that the first and last impressions of your patrons are key to running a first-class parking facility.

Proudly Black-Owned

We are a local business that takes pride in providing excellent service at affordable fees. Our company is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), so every transaction means you are supporting a thriving small business in your area.

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Extensive Experience

We apply more than 18 years of skills, know-how, and experience to best serve the parking needs of our clients. Today, we happily cater to a wide variety of customers in the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Our company strives to provide hands-on service with a personalized touch. Our goal is to ensure we create a superior, individualized parking experience for our clients. This way, we build good business relations with all those we serve.

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